Are You in Love With Photography?

Photography is a fascinating and fun industry to be involved in. We love seeing the beautiful and exciting images our cameras help capture. We also love the challenges, the fun, and learning new things about each day at work.

As with all careers, having a degree can also open the doors to additional opportunity. In the world of fashion photography, many degree holders are considered for jobs in editorial or advertising photography, commercial photographers, fashion photo editors, and videographers. Of course, those who choose to work solely in the world of fashion photography will likely also work in magazines and catalogs, but many fashion photographers also have their own businesses and work with other professionals. The possibilities truly are endless!

The good news for those of us currently working in the photography field but want more, is that many of the photography jobs we previously mentioned are not far off in the future. Many large photography companies such as Adorama, Pentax, Canon, Minolta, Olympus, and Fuji-either directly employ photography students or hire entry-level professionals to work under the supervision of experienced photographers. Also, there are many smaller, boutique-style photography studios and shops around town, as well as on the web. We are currently looking into opportunities with photographers in both small and large towns. For now though, we enjoy our current positions, and plan to see what the future may hold.