Photography - The Various Types of Photography That Exist Today

Photography is the art, process, and discipline of capturing still-life by taking photographs, either mechanically by means of an optical camera, or electronically by using an optoelectronic device, usually in color. It aims to capture the subject in its natural element such as a landscape, person, animal, etc., in its surroundings. The chosen medium will be different for different subjects, but the common goal is to create aesthetically appealing photography. Some tips for better photos can be found here.

In general, the common subjects for photography are people, their portraits, products, animals, etc. This does not however exclude the beauty of abstract objects like water or mountain scenery, or the mysteriousness of phenomena like nuclear explosions or cosmic rays. Still-life photography is one of the most popular categories of photography. People's portraits and family photos are the most common ones. In fact, many people use still-life photography when they want to create personal mementos or keepsakes for themselves.

Commercial and editorial photography are different types of still life photography. Commercial photography is more focused on selling a product. Editorial photography though showcases an artistic effort at photojournalism.

There are different types of cameras that a professional photographer can use. There are compact and professional cameras, for example. Professional and entry-level digital cameras have different features and functions, but they all perform the same function: they make photos digitally. There are stills made in different types of media, including film and digital. Many people consider film photography to be the best type because it gives more detail and color accuracy than its digital counterparts. Still-lives are great for portrait photography, still life photography, fashion photography, baby photography, and others.

There are different types of lens that professional photographers use. These lenses have different functions, and they also vary in price. Professional photographers use telephoto lenses and wide angle lenses, while amateurs mostly prefer the fisheye lens. Still-lenses are especially useful for portrait photography and other kinds of photography styles.

Lighting is something that continues to change throughout time. The photography techniques that we use today were invented by people who were already acquainted with natural light years before cameras were invented. It is interesting to note that even in the early days, people used natural light to take photos. Some of the earliest photos recorded sunsets over the hills of ancient Egypt.